What We Believe

Foundation of Faith

At McKinley Ave, we stand firm on the unchanging truths outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message. We believe in the authority of Scripture, recognizing the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God. Our mission is to faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, inviting all people to experience the transformative power of salvation through faith in Him.
Rooted in these foundational beliefs, we seek to cultivate a vibrant community of believers who passionately pursue God’s will and glorify Him in all aspects of life.

Worship, Discipleship, and Fellowship

At the heart of our mission is the desire to worship God in spirit and truth. Through dynamic and authentic worship experiences, we aim to connect with God on a personal level, allowing His presence to transform lives.
We are committed to nurturing discipleship, providing opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity through Bible study, prayer, and intentional discipleship relationships.
Our fellowship extends beyond the walls of our church building, as we strive to be a loving and supportive community that reflects the grace and compassion of Christ to one another and to the world.

Engaging the World with Love and Service:

As followers of Christ, we are called to be His ambassadors in the world. Our mission extends beyond the confines of our church to actively engage with the needs of our community and beyond. Motivated by love and compassion, we seek to serve others, meeting both spiritual and practical needs.
We are committed to sharing the hope found in Jesus Christ through evangelism, missions, and acts of mercy. As a community of believers, we strive to be a light in the darkness, demonstrating the transformative power of God’s love to a world in need.